Behind the Church of St. Bendt, you will find a lovely park with a variety of different trees (beech, oak, willow, hornbeam, elm, bird cherry, ash, pear etc.). Several benches are placed around the park. There is also an herb garden in connection with the church. At the other end of the park you will find a pavilion, a small lake and a children’s playground.

In the park you can also view the following sculptures: Pontus Kjermans “Saatyr, Cat and Elephant” 1995 and Jan Leth’s: “locked up movement towards the sky” 1987.

Originally the park was the yard of Ringsted Monastery which burned down to the ground in 1806. Only the damaged church remained. The Monastery area was at that time private property but in 1917 the Municipality of Ringsted managed to buy the land.